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About Johan Wilde - Swedish porn


My name is Johan Wilde and I'm an ordinary man from Sweden. My biggest interest is sex and I fuck as much as I can and try to get it on film. The age is not important, anything from 18 and up is okay. As soon as I can afford it I record a new film and publish it here on my homepage. All films on my site is my own private films and can not be found anywhere else. I travel all over the world to film girls, maybe I will come to your country next time.

Pornmodels wanted! New films are added every month. I also search new pornmodels all the time. Girls and couples that would like to take part in future films, write to me for more information. It's very good paid and I film all over the world so it doesn't matter where you live.

Men that want to take part in my films and fuck some nice girls can also write. Everything is possible on my homepage. If you are a men that want to take part in a film, send me an e-mail together with some naked photos of your body and cock and photo of your face. Also give me your length, weight, cock size, age and let me know if we can film at your place. Also let me know where you live and if you smoke or not.

If you want to take part, send a e-mail to:

My msn is:

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